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In the Spirit of Celebration

In Celebration, Spirit by India Alessandra

What if today you simply celebrate all that you are. All that you have. All that you see? What if this year you choose to begin with an epic and utter sense of starting fresh? What if you leave behind any feelings, stories or beliefs that create a sense or feeling inside your precious being of “less-than” or “not enough” …

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Invoking Your Own Transformative Powers

In Courage by India Alessandra

I was sitting in a stew of confusion. The swirl of pros and cons, conflicting desires, jumbled priorities – reaching for the right words to share with others – all of this was creating struggle as I worked on a project near and dear to my heart and Soul – The Autumn turning of One Season. My body and mind …

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Your Soul Knows

In Soul by India Alessandra

Your Soul knows the way. I keep hearing these words as I move through my day. I walk the creek in the morning. The late summery dry dust beneath my feet puffing quietly with every step. The sharp scent of water on parched earth and hot dry stone. Cedar heady and sweet underneath that. Faint. Soft sunlight coming through the …